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    Your Comments on Deliver


    We would like to get your feedback on Deliver.

    Let us know what Leadership story you liked and your overall thoughts on Deliver.

    Just fill in the comments below:

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    22 Responses to “Your Comments on Deliver”

    1. Yvonne Hilsz says:

      I loved it Carey, I came home from getting the book last night and read it in one sitting, couldn’t put it down… genius with all the pictures! Definately keen to catch up to see how we can share your message with the 1000’s of teens we work with at stepUP Foundation. Congratulations!

    2. Andrew McCulloch says:

      You know a good book when you cant put it down and your book was definitely something I could not stop reading. Congratulations.


    3. Peter Driscoll says:

      Hi Carey

      I enjoyed the book immensely, congratulations on many levels from reading it your words are your actions.

      Best Wishes

    4. Vaughan Winiata says:

      I enjoyed reading insights from a real guy, holding down a real job here in NZ. The real life moments are easy to relate to and perfect for people who simply enjoy doing the best they possibly can. Of your 36 short stories my favourites were ‘Clean Shoes’ & ‘Think, Stop, Talk’. Well done,

      CEO Eastern Hi Fi

    5. John Harper says:

      Hi Carey

      The book was spot on – such an interesting read. Thought it was great, John

    6. Sam White says:

      Hey Carey

      Read your book over the weekend. Gave me some timely reminders – things I used to do and had forgotten. My shoes are looking good. Great read – well done


    7. Tony Warland says:

      Carey the book really looks sharp when I started to read it I found it very easy to follow and quick to pass on the message.

      It gave me energy for stuff I am working on right now.

      It is great.


    8. Ian Mackintosh says:

      Hi Carey

      I think your book outlines for all of us the lessons on Leadershp that surround us daily and are not necessarily drivers from text book experiences. Importantly it demonstrates that you are prepared to constantly look at yourself and your performance as a leader with a view of seeking continual improvement. That by itself is great. I have learned a little more about you and what motivates you toward sucess. Great stuff.



    9. Leo Smith says:

      Hi Carey

      I really enjoyed Deliver. Each story was refreshing, to the point and a message that hit the spot. Unlike books that are padded out your was ideal. I hope it is a great success.

      Leo Smith
      B&T Auckland

    10. Magelene Roberts says:

      Warm greetings Carey,

      To me it is an honour for to be able to tell you what i think about your book, i came to your main office in Auckland for my sister in-laws interview with Stephenie and i waited in front where your receptionist is located. I found your book on the table beside the chair i was sitting so, i came to the thought of reading it. I turned to page 18 because the paper stuck on the front cover wrote that it would be interesting and it was. I kept on reading through all the stories until i came to page 32, i loved it , i totally agree with you that Activity x Skills=Results but in my own understanding as a 14 year old girl i believe that Intelligence x Skills x Activity + energy= to excellent results. Your book was an encouragement to me to achieve my goal of being a business manager. Thank you

      Nice painting on your wall =)

      Magelene Roberts
      Manurewa High Student

    11. Dave Lamberton says:

      Hi Carey

      The book arrived and to be honest I didn’t put it down. It was enaging every storey flowed on and kept me wanting to turn the page to the next chapter. I even thought about ringing you and giving you the 60 minute challenge. We will be doing the Dear Carey letter. Hope all goes well for you.

      Dave Lamberton

    12. Dave Hanna says:


      Your book is highly motivating and Inspirational. The Raglan story of course was my favorite. I have learned more about you and your leadership style. Terrific.

      Dave Hanna

    13. Beth Harman says:

      I was very thrilled when i got your book and have finally found time last weekend to sit down and read it.

      There were indeed a few tips that I will be using around here – ‘I might be wrong’ really resonated.

      I think Deliver really Delivers.

      beth harman
      chief executive
      Ronald McDonld House Auckland

    14. Anthony Meaker says:

      Hi Carey,

      Congratulations on your book. I have just finished reading it and I picked up some good tips. I liked the straightforward and ‘real’ way that you related your experiences to the reader. I particularly liked how you told readers how you have learned from these experiences. I will be a better person for reading Deliver.



    15. David Gadd says:

      A Great Book!
      I am already integrating some of the tips and I have a permanent Thursday booking in my calendar now for those tricky calls, which I’ve tagged my Carey Calls timeslot.

      David Gadd
      Managing Editor: The Independant

    16. Jamie King says:

      Hi Carey
      Just want say congratulation on your book. It was a great read.
      Jamie King

    17. Mark says:

      Carey – well done on an insightful and concise read! The bit on the Nelson realtor illustrates the fact well that with confidence and credibility- there are different paths to success. Choose yours and act on it!



    18. Ben Young - bwagy says:

      “You know what I like about Carey Smiths book Deliver? It is short, it’s punchy and it’s straight from the heart. You feel as if Carey is sitting across the table from you, having a conversation, saying this is what I’ve done to get here. Pick it up, have a read, I guarantee you will be enthralled. Thanks Carey for finally delivering (pun
      intended) a kiwi story we can aspire to.

      Ben Young
      bwagy ltd | 0210433172

      blog: blog.bwagy.com | twitter.com/bwagy
      feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/bwagy

      perseverance is genius

    19. Andrew M says:


      I read your book cover to cover last night which is quiet an achievement for someone who has just taken six months to read “Behind The Golden Arches”. It made me think back on my time with you in the corporate office and the things I learnt. It made me laugh, I still carry my black book around everywhere and use it every time I meet with someone. Every day I have a “to do list”, another thing you taught me. I admire the way you quietly taught me things without me realising it and I appreciate that.
      You know a good book when you cant put it down and your book was definitely something I could not stop reading. Congratulations mate.


    20. Gavin Brooks says:

      Hi Carey
      Well done on Deliver

      Just a quick note to say that i read your book and thought it was a great read. It was my style of reading, short and to the point with plenty of usefull tips that i will draw upon moving forward in our business. PS my shoes are always clean now.

      Gavin Brooks
      Director NuYu

    21. Chris - Conference NZ says:

      Thanks for a great presentation today. I really enjoyed your book. Great how I could keep going back to it and pick up the story line. Wishing you every success. Chris

    22. Sarah Pearce says:

      I started reading Deliver I found one gem of wisdom after the next and I’ve carried on reading it because I couldn’t put it down. I like the 36 short stories full of useful tips and lessons about business and leadership that Carey has learned over the years from his own life experiences. It’s warm, honest, punchy, from-the-heart, and sometimes humorous. Amongst other things, I’m now extra aware of wearing clean shoes to business appointments and of returning calls within one hour of receiving them (that one is a work in progress!).

      Sarah Pearce host of Saving our Home

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