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    X Marks the Spot!

     The semi circle represents an Incline and Decline line.  Half of the circle represents incline and the other half represents decline. I would like you to consider for a moment as to where you are (your business) on this line.

    Better still can you draw a half circle in front of you now? Place a cross where you believe you are today. A couple of other things to consider while you are doing this – the line has no time, the line reflects your energy for your business – the majority of businesses are between the top crosses. If you are in the green and near Day 1 it reflects a business with personality and enthusiasm.incline

    Further up the Incline line shows a business with leadership and direction. Across to the decline line can indicate a business losing momentum. Decline generally occurs much more rapidly than Incline. The next graphs shows how the best business maintain Incline. They take a brave decision, implement change and make a new line.  Every business must strive to create a new Incline line otherwise Decline is inevitable. A great business has a series of determining Incline lines.


    Every business leaders greatest challenge is their ability to ask the question “how do we create a new incline line?” Comments welcome – Carey

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