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    Carey Smith on Call Reluctance!

    This is one of the key areas of a leading businessperson.  So much of our business success rests on the ability of us individually to make proactive client and sales related calls.

    I admire business people and salespeople who have the ability to be routine in their follow up with making phone calls.  They build trust, they build confidence and ultimately they bond the relationship.  So why do so many sales orientated people not follow up?  It is linked to perceived failure and also involves self talk regarding the call before the call is made.  The best way to get around call reluctance is to either have a set script or to have three set questions.  When you go to a call centre there is no call reluctance.  Why?  Because the caller has a set script to work from and the call becomes routine.  It is easy to do, you know what direction you are heading and you know how the call is to be finished.  Most of us are not call centres, most of us are people in business trying to generate more business. 

    When we establish a routine in making phonecalls then we are guaranteed that business will be generated.  In the cycle of the sales process there are two parts to making telephone contact.  The first is where you are calling a client to either establish a relationship or to sell a product.  The second part is the follow up call to either ascertain where the business is up to or to close the business.  Making telephone calls is the fastest way to generate new business and to make appointments.  Going from part contact to full contact is the reason why we make phonecalls.

    Three things to remember to avoid call reluctance: 

    1. Set a routine time every week to make your calls.
    2. Know who you are going to call and what you are going to call about.
    3. Promise that you will be making a follow up call.

    With these three components making phone calls will be successful. 

    PERSONAL TIP : If you are serious about phone contact get yourself a headset you will find they have many benefits for you.


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