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    Time is the Greatest Asset

    Money is unlimited but time is not.  So when you have a decision to make in regards to money and time which one is more important?


    I watch people negotiate on a number of different paths of their wants to save money and to get a good deal.  That is not only because they value their money, but they also realise that to get money takes time.  You hear people say “I have worked hard to achieve this, it has taken me a long time”.  That is a statement in reflection of the time it has taken to create wealth, to purchase something that means a lot to an individual.

    Sometimes however people get that concerned about money that they lose the capacity to judge its value.  In essence they lose the meaning of time.  There is one clear message to realise is that money can be re-earned, time cannot.  How much time people spend on negotiating and dealing in direct proportion to the result that they have achieved in time can sometimes be wasted money 

    How valuable your time is when you are using it to build wealth will only be determined by whether you believe you are better at creating wealth than you are at defending the wealth that you have got. 

    Time is a much greater asset than money.  The only thing I know is that money can’t buy time.


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