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    The Book

    bookcover11Deliver – Overview

    Deliver is a journey – it starts from the individual and how as an individual we progress into different areas of our life and how we apply the lessons and observations that we get from those experiences.

    How is it that the written word can have such impact yet the thought of our own communication is driven by how we think rather than what we do. So is it our actions that determine how we think, or is how we think, determines our actions?

    The centre of Deliver comes from a letter that is written on an annual basis by the author to himself. This sets up a scene that allows goals and dreams to be taken from the mind, written to the page, delivered to a trusted person and received back again. It raises the question “what have we achieved over a set period of time”? 

    If our experiences over the years can be measured would we be better for having those experiences? Deliver will ask the questions of you that you may not have asked of yourself. It will give you insights of how an autonomous leader can challenge their own thought pattern to learn that life’s experiences are about observation and how you apply that observation to gain the most out of the direction you wish to head.

    It is said that if two people are in a meeting together and they both think the same then no creativity can be developed. Such is the direction that Deliver takes you in, that through the discovery of leadership, your thinking can be changed to be creative even when you are compelled to comply with today’s thinking. As you develop your leadership style there are breakthrough moments that you remember. The biggest challenges that you face and the results you get through leadership, it is the thoughts surrounding that process that emulate from these individual stories.

    Deliver goes right to the centre of leadership in a raw approach that exposes the leader to realize that each action has an outcome. It is learning from those outcomes that change is best effective. There is a saying that no one is born a winner, no one is born a loser, we are all born choosers. The same goes for leadership – it is the learnt lessons of observation that today’s leaders is most successful.

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