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    The Climb Must Never Stop

    I can confirm that you go quicker downhill than you do going up. I am at the Inman Conference in San Francisco. A quantum leap for me in my understanding of our industry business aligned with its compatibility to technology. Opinions divided but acceptance of direction is universal.

    I also find myself with an opportunity to walk the streets of a new destination in the City previously unknown to me. I was up and away early this morning on a walk that was first searched on Google – seemed appropriate to do that considering it has been the most discussed topic here. What is San Francisco famous for? – The Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. Could I potentially see both at the same time? San Francisco has some of the steepest streets in the world so what did I search? “List of the steepest streets to see Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge”. It came up with the 10 steepest streets in San Francisco.  I chose the 5th steepest.

    A quick insight in the Golden Gate Bridge that we heard yesterday by the host of Inman – When the bridge was built the men knew there was a safety net below they stated that the ‘safety net’ increased productivity but 30%. It also has the highest rate of suicide in the world one person every week. With no safety net the consequences are known.

    The street I walked up was steep in any language – and as I climb it was thinking about the view that hopefully I would see from the top. My slow steps however were a testament of the climb to the top it was hard work. I made it – The view from the top was exhilarating. The Golden Gate Bridge to my right and Alcatraz straight ahead. I reflected. The view at the top is much different to the few even 10 steps before. You must make the top to achieve the view. But I then began to wonder about the No 1 steepest street. A flash of ‘think again’ came over me. Why would you necessary get the best view at the steepest street in San Francisco? Maybe the highest but that doesn’t mean the steepest.

    The business I lead is No 2 in the industry. I do not get to see the view from the top in our business or industry. I am surrounded by those who do. The language at the top is different to the language I use. The business leaders at the top have walked up the hill. They know the you go down quicker when you are the top than when you are still on the climb.

    We could do this – We must do this.

    We should do this – We will do this.

    The dream position must be to reach your capacity but be forever testing it and create room to take another step up the hill of momentum.

    The climb must never stop.

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