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    Successful Emails


    Email traffic continues to increase in days gone past.  The written format was usually confined to written memos and letters.  You can imagine if that translated today that you would probably receive between 20 and for some people, hundreds of communications each day.  For those in sales the Internet is playing an increasingly important role for generating enquiry and it is as important, if not more important, than a telephone call. 

    The rules of communication usually see email enquiry come in asking questions, these are usually specific on the piece of content the person has looked at.  For property it can be seeking price range, number of bedrooms, how long a property has been on the market.  For the car industry it can be how may kilometers on the car, what year is the make, does it have any options?  An email enquiry stretches across all industries. 

    The way we respond will determine whether the communication can actually process to take the enquiry from non-contact to part-contact and then to full-contact.  The communication rules for responding to emails are to ensure that you cut and paste the questions and answer those specifically.  Once you have completed that, we should then move towards market commentary.  This should direct the enquirer to understand that you have a broader selection.  The close should contain a call to action, similar to asking for a phone number or going for an appointment.

    Next post 2 email scripts to follow

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