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    Carey Smith on Stop Doing List


    stopdoing One of the tried and true organisational tools for a business is the ever reliable To Do List. We are usually trained to use this early in our career. The To Do List can categorise tasks by priority status, delegation status or as a continued rolling workflow. Personally, the To Do List has helped me continue to prioritise and focus on what needs to be done and in what order.

    On occasions I have also felt discouraged and somewhat overwhelmed at the size of my To Do List or, more importantly, the things that remain on that list.

    A number of years ago I introduced our company to the concept of a Stop Doing List. A colleague who had introduced it in his business has told me about it. The Stop Doing List is a creative tool that will help both productivity and your personal workflow. To create a Stop Doing List, look at the tasks that you do on a regular basis and ask the question: “Does this achieve a positive outcome for all those concerned?”. If the answer is “no”, this task should immediately be added to your Stop Doing List. Another term for the Stop Doing List for genuine leaders can be a Delegation List.

    You can significantly increase your productivity and results through the establishment and consistent review of a Stop Doing List. You will then find that your To Do List becomes a much more effective and efficient way of completing tasks.

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