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    Setting an Example

    Setting the Example means that your life is transparent and unified. We can define leadership as a property of the group, and is the act of influencing a group to achieve its goals that defines a leader. Setting an Example is one of the key ways we have of ensuring culture, respect and genuine loyalty.

    While a very simple act on the face of it, none is more important. If you fail to demonstrate this act to your people be that family, employees, customers and the like you will succumb to the potential of negative results. No matter how good your talk is, if you don’t match it with your walk, you will earn no respect and find it increasingly difficult to get results.

    Setting an Example is where you show your values. When you demonstrate values, and that your character has integrity, that is, if who you are the same person all the time then you will accomplish far more than you might imagine. For this kind of leader, they have those actions returned in kind and in results.

    It may be more difficult under some circumstances to set a positive example, but that shouldn’t stop you! Setting an Example is where your actions are centric to your values.

    When you constantly set an  example, you will get the results you want as a leader.

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