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    Can I give you something?

    As 2009 draws to a close I start to think about the year that I have had and the year that lye’s ahead. It is my time to take responsibility. What sort of year have I had and how will I take ownership of it? My book deliver is inspired through a letter that I write to myself each year. In 2007 one commitment I made to myself was to complete a book – a collection of writings for me. Little did I know that Deliver my book would be the outcome in April 2009.

    I can attribute many achievements and positives from writing my own letter. It is my self ownership. It is my transparent life on paper for me.

    I begin to think about my letter now and I will write it prior to the end of the year.

    My letter is headed up ‘Dear Carey’. It now has 5 headings I included an additional heading ‘MyPromises’ in 2008

    1. 2009 My Year
    2. 2010 Family 
    3. 2010 Health 
    4. 2010 Work
    5. 2010 My Promises                     


    Then I will open up my letter from last year. I know what it is in that letter but it has remained sealed from the day I signed it. Anything that I do not remember has not been important. I have much to be thankful for in 2009.

    Can I offer you something? In my book the chapter entitled ‘Dear Carey’ will give you further insights into the value of your letter.

    I would like to give 20 complimentary* signed copies offer Deliver (one each) to those people who would be willing to commit to writing and signing their own personal letter for 2010. All you need to do is reply in the comments box below (it does not get published) and commit to writing your own letter by the first week of 2010. Please also include your email and postal address.

    Your letter will be inspirational and will be the ultimate gift you can give yourself.

    *one copy per person, NZ /AU residents only, for friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter

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