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    Email enquiries increase


    There are several classes of contact in our day to day lives and this has changed over the last number of years.  Email traffic has increased, phone contact has decreased and face to face rates have also decreased – Why is this?

    lrgscalefp_laughtop_toy_laptopThe ability for people to communicate on email is based around the fact that they know that they can send the message and communicate in real time and similar to other forms of communication particularly in sales, email is used to ask questions.  When we receive sales enquiries via email the sender requires a response.  Our objective however is potentially different to that of the sender, our objective should be to get a face to face appointment – this clashes with the objective of the sender who would like to have their question answered – how do you achieve both successfully?  In all forms of communication the person who asks the question gains the knowledge, the person who gives the answer is either closer or further away to an appointment and from there the enquiry continues to be processed through email or then moves to phone or face to face contact. 

    To successfully achieve a result from an email enquiry the rules of communication should be followed, to answer the question and then to gain knowledge by asking a question in return.  Too often the enquiry is answered and that is where it is left.  For an email enquiry to gain momentum it is much about going for the appointment as it is about answering the question.   Always respond with a question based on the broader market.

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