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    Carey Smith on Visual, Audio or Kinesthetic


    Is it true that you have to see it to believe it, or rather, do you have to believe it before you can see it?

    The three methods of learning are visual, this is where you see things, audio where you hear things and kinesthetic where you feel things.  Each has its own learning processes and generally as children the first learning we do is through the security of the sensory being kinesthetic.  This gives you the security of touch and feel and this can be best demonstrated through the love of a parent.  A child will connect emotionally to the feeling of a parent.  As we go through school we learn much more through audio.  Although the teaching process is a mixture of audio and visual it is known that almost 80% of learning through the school years is connected through audio messaging.  Then as we get older and potentially more knowledgeable we connect through visual impacts, which is where the phrase comes from “you have to see it to believe it”.  It is a process that some people never move out of. xylophone

    Approximately 70% of people are visual, 20% of people are audio and 10% of people are kinesthetic.  How do you know who you are connecting with? 

    This week I had the opportunity to present at a conference.  The audience were not verbally engaging, rather being seated and listening to a message.  I had the support of visual material and this gave the presentation added value to my message.  I wonder how successful the presentation would have been if I had no material for people to see.  Could it have made it more impacting or less impacting? 

    The following day I had a one-on-one sales presentation and I got to talking with the prospect and the use of various words gave me an insight into the person that I was engaging with.  When I showed graphs the response was “yes I can see that”, but I found myself explaining my point more often when I had no visual connection.  We know that the majority of people are visual so we should also try and start from that point.  An audio message can be linked in, as can a kinesthetic message, but more in regards to how an emotional feeling can be measured by the prospect.  Use of the words such as “when you do this the feeling that you will get…?”

    To make presentations the best that they can be it is true as adults that when we see it we have a much better chance of understanding it and believing it.  It is difficult to believe something before you can see it unless it is a goal driven focus.  Mixing in visual, audio and kinesthetic  is a vital part of a successful presentation.

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