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    The Ice that Leaders Walk on Together

    Over the last 15 years I have been in New Zealand our company has had varying opportunities with other companies.  One of the very first of these opportunities was in Christchurch where we looked at a business that had its geographical presence just in Canterbury and we went through and did a lot of work and because of the nature of the opportunity their company also looked into how we ran our business.  The deal didn’t happen.  About a year later one of the people from within the company that we were in talks with used information that he had gained through this period for his own personal commercial advantage.  From that day forward I began to understand about confidence, trust and commercial sensitivity. We did successfully go on to complete another opportunity with the Kent Prier Group – they we the epitome of trust.

    Our business has grown progressively over the last 15 years.  We have taken doubled our marketshare to new record highs through our current membership and organic growth.  The business we are in has had an has a lot of competitors.  Over the years different competitors have had varying degrees of success with their model.  Some of our competitors are no longer here. 

    When you get to a certain level in business (generally leadership) you must look for opportunity.  It is part of growth and the way a business evolves.  When you look for opportunity, you have to talk to people within your own company and those in other companies and in doing so respect of the information that you have learned for your own benefit is of the utmost importance. Ice and thin ice.

    Recently I became aware of another company who have passed information onto their members about a commercially sensitive discussion and for the second time in my career I find myself questioning some of those who are at the leadership level of business.  The best companies build their reputation through their leaders.  The key leadership qualities that are known are trust, confidence and the ability to see the big picture.  A couple of questions arise for me when I deal with people in regards to opportunities.  Firstly, can I trust them?  Secondly, do I have confidence in their ability to focus on opportunity rather than gain? And, do I know that they can look beyond the deal to see the growth? 

    Across the world of business those who can fit these categories will take their companies from good to great.  Those who don’t understand trust, confidence and commercial sensitivity will find their businesses losing opportunity and amongst those that are dropping in marketshare because when it all comes down to it, it doesn’t matter what the colours are or what the brand is, the leader reflects the business.

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