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    Carey Smith on the Power of Questions

    The quality of our lives is in direct proportion to the quality of the questions we ask ourselves.


    Questions can have a positive or negative effect.

    If we want better answers in our lives we have to be prepared to search and ask ourselves better questions.  Questions are the source of change.  What are the questions that you really need to put to yourself to discover a life change?  Questions control our focus and our focus controls our outcomes.  Whatever we are experiencing in life is not based on life itself but what we are focusing on.

    If we want to change our focus, we have to change the questions that we ask ourselves.  Why me?  If you don’t know, then surely no one else will.  Better questions need to be asked.

    Whatever you ask for, you will get an answer to.  If you want a great life, ask great questions.  Questions empower you.  Good questions form the catalyst to more good questions.  Questions are inspirational, questions can be new start,  questions can simply be something better.  Life is a self fulfilling prophecy and seldom do we exceed our expectations.

    When you ask yourself questions, it is a starting point for new beginnings, the better the questions the more you trust yourself to finding answers.  The golden rule – you will never make a mistake by asking yourself a question.

    My favourite question – Where do you draw the line between POSSIBLE and IMPOSSIBLE?

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