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    Carey Smith on Seat Switching

    As we come towards the end of the year key people more so this year will make decisions regarding their career path than they probably have over the past number of years.  As the employment market loosens up good employees are going to be given the opportunity to begin to review their current positions with more confidence.  This brings some direct benefits for both employers and employees but get ready 2010 could be the year of seat-switching.  In a recent survey conducted by the Adler Group showed that of the 59% of people would talk if they were approached but of that 59% only 19% would be actively looking for a new position because of the perception that it is still a risk to move in the current environment.


    There are four key areas for employers who are looking to get the best people on their team in 2010: 

    1.  The need for a direct approach at a targeted candidate list whether you do this directly as the employer or whether you outsource this, making that first contact will give a much better result than potentially a response from an advertisement.

    2.  Be prepared to know that you are talking with someone who you will be potentially trying to have switch their seat.  It will be known that they will be coming from another company.  Getting to know your candidate will assist in matching the position for the best potential outcome.

    twitter3.  Use social media to broaden your position’s audience to previous unknown people.  Facebook, Twitter and Linked In are all becoming key referral sites for the potential blogging introduction of the position and your company.

    4.  If they are going to work for you try and make the call yourself.  This positions you and your company to be one that is showing interest. 

    The perception is that when the called is placed correctly it will say your company is seeking the best people to work for them.

    If it is going to be a year of movement in the employment market there are clear advantages for those employers who are seeking to have the best people.  Next year will begin a new surge of job creation.  We all need a plan for our businesses going forward and having the best people is the best way to future proof your business and leadership.

    Just  a note I am preparing for a person to be part of our team in the area of Growth. I will let you know how I go with the calls I make.

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    One Response to “Carey Smith on Seat Switching”

    1. Jody says:

      Number 3 is widely used now for job searching or having potential employers checking you out! It’s the new black for recruitment!

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