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    Carey Smith on Powerful Words

    A famous study done by Yale University once pegged the “12 Most Powerful Words in English-language Advertising” as:

    You Money Results
    New Safety Easy
    Love Health Guaranteed
    Save Proven Discovery

    But what about in business there are 2 words which are always powerful when spoken : thank youthankyousmallEveryone has a need to feel wanted and appreciated. Appreciation is a little thing; you can’t touch it or see it, but you can feel it in your heart. Saying thank you to each other keeps the circle of goodwill and gratitude alive.

    Showing appreciation is especially important in business relationships. This applies to a variety of business associates. Everyone likes to be appreciated so be sure to spread your words of thanks around to in your circle of contacts.

    Showing appreciation affects business relationships in a variety of ways. You may find that by using thank you in your communication it becomes easier and others are more open to hearing your input. When someone feels appreciated and acknowledged for their own worth, they are more likely to be open to giving the same respect in return.

    The easiest way to show appreciation is using a word of thanks.  Feeling appreciated is a strong reason that employees are happy in their jobs, maintain productivity and intend to continue with an employer. It forms a bond on noticing.

    Letters and thank you notes are also ways that you can show appreciation for any business associate. Sometimes a simple card can really make the difference in improving or solidifying a business relationship.

    Saying thank you is a simple way to improve business relationships and gain a further a sense of goodwill.

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    2 Responses to “Carey Smith on Powerful Words”

    1. Peter Driscoll says:

      Great post, in a world that often concentrates on complicated relationship strategies the basic tenants of human relationships that has stood the test of time are those two remarkable words – another word that comes in handy in my household is “sorry”…..Found the 12 words fascinating and quite logical when you thought about it – cheers Peter

    2. Shadi Salehpour says:

      One thing we as mother and two boys looked forward to each day when we woke up was a note from my husband. He would leave at 6 am, way before we got up, the boys still can’t read, but without fail my husband would leave us a note each with our name on it and messages such, love you, be good, I can’t wait to come back tonight to see you, remember dad loves you, (mine usually was a to do list) and sometimes thanking the boys for little things that they did.

      When he was rushing, he would just put our names on them. Now the boys have grown up and know the first letters of their name, they know which note belongs to them.

      The boys know that dad was thinking about them and that he loves them very much. Regardless of the notes, I knew for sure that he loves us even when sometimes because of time, he would leave the notes totally blank. We each would pick up the blank paper/note and read what he would have written on the notes.

      This was taking him less than a minute, simple, powerful, kind words, appreciation is recognised by young and old and it is a great feeling of contentment.

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