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    Carey Smith on No News at Airports

    Our newspapers every day are full of headlines about the economy, crime, the political scene and other world events and you read those articles and that is what makes up our news.

    When you go to the airport and you are going through the process of boarding a plane, leaving aside the sometimes frustrating experience that surrounds the process, when you look around at airports, they are an incredible place in the fact that the real news within us could be Departingseen at an airport.  Rarely any other place will you see the emotion of families about to be separated and how that is expressed.  Conversely in the arrivals hall the joy that people have in being reunited with friends and family.  It really is amazing that the real news of the day can be seen at an airport. 

    I think for the individual, while much of our community and the news that is related to it, is important, our own family and friends are far more important. 

    If there was a news story at the airport it would be the connection that is shown through love within families.  There may not be any direct news that the wider community is interested in at an airport but for individuals, their families and their friends, it is a unique place to understand how important we all are to each other.   

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