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    Carey Smith on Negotiation


    Rules in negotiation are wide and varied – some have a strong belief in body language, others understand the value of objections, while there are a minority of negotiators who base a successful outcome on answering questions.

    With knowledge you can make decisions. One of the rules for successful negotiation is to ensure we ask questions. You can never make a mistake by asking a question. In negotation, the only time we make a mistake is by giving an answer.

    If you have a strong point in negotiation stick to it.  I was involved many years ago in a recruitment opportunity.  As we spoke about the possibility of him joining he asked if I could give him 10 good reasons as to why he should join our company. We might think that would be easy to respond to until you get to number 10… “and we also have great buying rates on stationery” – little did I know that his brother owns a printing business.  If people won’t join because of your strongest point they certainly won’t be joining because of number 5.  This a primary example of what happens when we do the talking.  People join people, not companies.

    The sale is brought through you then the company.

    In any negotiation someone will make a sale either you or the customer. Can you make it a win for both parties? 

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