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    Carey Smith on Milk, Water, Bricks and Growth

    Constantly we hear sayings such as ‘if your not moving forward your going backward’ ‘growing your business is essential to market share’, ‘growth is the only way to make money,’ ‘bigger is not always better’. Fundamentally all these statements are true – but in reality it is far more brutal ‘Growing your business isn’t just a  goal; growing your business is a necessity for your business’s survival and your economic well-being’.


    If your business was a plant – would it sprouting a new leaf? If your business was child – would it growing with noticeable difference? If your business was a house being constructed – would it be developing a new structural piece everyday? A business in growth is a business making a difference thereby creating a new opportunity and success.

    Growth is the oxygen your business needs to survive.

    How do you maintain growth? One in 3 small businesses fail because of their inability to either have enough capital to grow or understand the value of the most impacted area of growth.

    The number 1 growth mechanism for a business is people. For a business to grow it must have more people to do business with than it did the day, the month, the year before. So it will need more people to grow itself. People are like the water to the plant, the milk to the baby, the brick to the house. The more people you have with you in business and doing business with you the more opportunity you have to grow. The quality of people will determine the result but the number of people will determine the opportunity.

    The leader in the business must be the leader for growth. There will always be challenges understanding and implementing growth for your business. The one piece of advice I would give in the current environment is that their has never been a better time to be reviewing the opportunities that growth has to offer. The discipline of execution in the current market will pay dividends that are much greater than in the previous 5 years.

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    2 Responses to “Carey Smith on Milk, Water, Bricks and Growth”

    1. dave hanna says:

      hey carey great words, just what i need before open homes

    2. Hi, good post. I have been wondering about this issue, so thanks for posting. I’ll definitely be coming back to your site.

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