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    Carey Smith on Getting there Safely

    I am about to board a plane to Queenstown and although I do not think about it much I am going to be putting my life in the hands of one company, one plane, and hopefully two pilots.  The reason why I don’t think about much is because 99.99% of flights land safely in a track record that is unrivaled by any other industry.


    On a daily basis worldwide there are 68,000 flights through different companies, flying different planes with different pilots and different passengers but with the same impeccable safety results.  What are the benchmarks used to achieve this outcome?  We would hope that the plane is well prepared and maintained, that the company owning the plane has a very strong desire to ensure safety of their passengers, and that the pilots are fully conversant with the plane they are flying.

    So what about us in business?   As leaders we are charting our own plane on a daily basis but we have the ability to have a greater margin of creativity and on some occasions, error.  But what about if you are the pilot and an error comes up on your screen – do you continue down that path and ignore the warning, or do you correct immediately to bring your business back on course? 

    I have a good friend who mentors and coaches across Australia and New Zealand and he stands strongly on the platform of systems and process.  He believes if a business has rigidity in their systems and structure in their process then very little can divert that business from a successful destination.  He goes on to say that the 80/20 rule applies, whereby 80% of any business must be in a system or a process with the remaining 20% being about creativity and leadership. 

    The success of a business, indeed the success of the leader, is linked to a system and a process – what are yours?

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    One Response to “Carey Smith on Getting there Safely”

    1. Thanks Carey for you comment on my blog. I will certainly keep watching your excellent blog.

      And I did enjoy your presentation at the recent seminar and your blog is a nice outlet for thoughts on the hoof. I certainly agree with your above thoughts on good systems because they are the rock upon which a business is built. But I also fear that New Zealand is losing a traditional strength – an ability to think outside the square and create something fresh out of thin air. That’s also what we need to do as we face the opportunities presented by this downturn.

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