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    Carey Smith on Culture


    If there is one thing that sets a relatively good business apart from an average business, it is culture. Culture is the symbolic communication within an organisation that is learnt, passed on and shapes the behaviour for all standards, beliefs and values that are accepted within that business. How can you develop an excellent business culture when you have a relatively large group of people within your business? The second and more difficult process is inheriting a culture and attempting to change it. Culture is a way of life for many people, and it consists of patterns and habits that continually influence all of the outcomes a business may have. Culture generally starts with the leader. Culture takes time to develop and, indeed, to change. It is linked to words such as “creditability”, “respect” and “perseverance”.

    The best business culture is delivered through action and then backed up by words.

     If a business has a good culture then it is a good business. Strive hard to understand the culture that you wish to foster within your business, and then begin to spread the culture through action and communication. The development and maintenance of an excellent business is the one reason that good businesses become great.

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