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    Carey Smith on Communication

    One of the great thrills in communication is the feedback we receive from those whom we communicate with. One of the learnt aspects of writing Deliver has been for me to learn a new form of communication and feedback.  This experience has been not only through Deliver, but also through a number of recent media profiles that have appeared and been published through the broader community. 

    Most of my current communication has a known audience.  My writings have been focused on our business and the people with whom I communicate have a specific interest in that communication.  With Deliver it has been very different.  Below is one of the comments that I received on the website last night.  It brought me back to thinking, not only about, what I was doing when I was 14, but also how communication can give you new insights on a person that you have never met.  Deliver has given me that and I get a great thrill from any feedback that I receive. 

    The other known aspect of the levels of communication is that we recall only about 20% of what we hear, yet we recall 80% of what we read on a specific subject.  The written word is so much more powerful in communication when it is written from one person to another.  Deliver is a new form of communication for me and the comment below has awoken me further to the reach that we all have to communicate through writing.

    This is the comment recieved last night from a 14 year old girl who read a couple of chapters of Deliver.

    Warm greetings Carey, 

    To me it is an honour for to be able to tell you what i think about your book, i came to your main office in Auckland for my sister in-laws interview with Stephenie and i waited in front where your receptionist is located. I found your book on the table beside the chair i was sitting so, i came to the thought of reading it. I turned to page 18 because the paper stuck on the front cover wrote that it would be interesting and it was. I kept on reading through all the stories until i came to page 32, i loved it , i totally agree with you that Activity x Skills=Results but in my own understanding as a 14 year old girl i believe that Intelligence x Skills x Activity + energy= to excellent results. Your book was an encouragement to me to achieve my goal of being a business manager. Thank you

    p.s Nice painting on your wall =)

    Please add your own comments on Deliver at http://www.careysmith.com/2009/01/01/your-comments-on-deliver/

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    One Response to “Carey Smith on Communication”

    1. Ben Young says:

      Great story it is amazing how once you leverage your knowledge by putting it out there in a book, a blog or video who it reaches and the arising stories.

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