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    Carey Smith on an Internal War

    Never Assume                    

    Always Presume                

    When I think back over the past week most of my errors in judgement and dissapointments have come because I have assumed and most of my creativity and best decisions have happened when I have presumed.

    Presume a path

    So what is the difference?

    When we assume we do so when something is supposed to be the case but without proof.

    When we presume we do so when something is the case based on probability.

    I look at my actions and when I base my thinking or my responses on assuming what other people are either thinking or doing then I am always going to be less certain about the way I can go about making decisions.  There are many areas of our daily lives that we make assumptions but there is a clear difference in most cases between assuming something and presuming something. 

    In the positive, a good example of presuming is that of leadership.  When we look at leadership actions or taking leadership you can only do so based on presumption.  It is a case that leadership actions and the way we communicate either verbally or written needs to have a degree of presumption about it.  It is a good lesson of leadership that when you make decisions on assumptions then not only is that decision going to be weak, but it is generally going to be received without clarity, but when decisions are based on presumption then you are adding value and giving clarity to the person who you are engaging in that decision.  So the old saying of ‘Never Assume’ is correct, but in the reverse, leaders should always presume because the job of a leader is to make leadership decisions based on presumption.

    Leaders – ‘Never Assume a path – they Always Presume a path’

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