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    Carey Smith on Advertising and Marketing.


    Is there a difference between Advertising and Marketing?


    It is a question that all of us are faced with when we have a specific product or service that we need to put into the marketplace to gain brand awareness or a sales call to action.  Both marketing as well as advertising are very important components to gain maximum benefit from brand awareness and product awareness. 

    Marketing is a process of identifying a potential market and to build and understand the potential advertising leverage that you can achieve from an overall marketing plan.  Marketing is considered to be a process that creates the advertising, advertising can be considered as a part of marketing and a call to action.  Marketing comes first then advertising follows.  On many occasions people will talk about a ‘marketing plan’ or a ‘marketing strategy’ – within that is the advertising.

    I recently spoke with a business owner regarding the NZ Herald.  He made the comment that the NZ Herald was critical to his business and the profile that it achieved – that statement related to marketing.  The quantifiable sales results he gets from the NZ Herald is based on advertising.  The first course of action is to decide what is your demographic and or geographic target?  Once that is decided what will your advertising consist of?  That is the difference between marketing and advertising – in simple terms, one is a plan, the other is a call to action.

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