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    Carey Smith on Addressing Non Performance

    Non performance of staff is one of the critical issues that is faced by today’s leader.  It is also one of the reasons why businesses cannot grow and at times are culturally unable to gain momentum. 

    Non performance for the leader can cause conflict and be an emotional barrier towards effective communication.171718772_j6yma-o-1

    In the first instance we need to look at ourselves as leaders as to why non performance is occurring.  More often than not it can be through poor communication of the leader and a clear understanding by the team member of what is required to perform successfully their role within the business.  Are there clear benchmarks within your business as to what is considered good performance? 

    A number of business leaders also understand that non performance may occur because of external issues that do not relate to the workplace environment.  So what is the best way to resolve non performance within the business?  The first is to address non performance quickly.  When I reflect on decisions that I have made regarding non performance it is always the procrastination that becomes the problem rather than the communication that is needed to resolve non performance.  Non performance also is an emotional issue for both the leader and the team member, ensure that you are quite clear with your communication and always follow up face-to-face communication with a written outline of the non performance issues.  Have a plan to ensure that the team member can perform and more importantly is given the opportunity to perform to their best level.  Ensuring that that plan is clear will give the ability for communication to be much better regarding non performance.  We also should understand when we are addressing non performance that the team member must have a chance to respond. 

    On most occasions communication will address non performance but also be aware that if our expectations are unreasonable for the remuneration and reward that is offered then your team member could well turn around and feel that they have been unfairly treated and look for a better working environment that we as leaders can offer. 

    The best personal advice I can give to a business leader that consistently faces performance issues is to ensure that regular reviews are carried out in a structured format with notice being given to all people involved, and that the communication of performance standards are in written format to give clarity to those who we expect to get performance from for our business.


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