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    Carey Smith on Visual Accountability

    Last night I was fortunate enough to attend the Tri-Nation rugby match between the New Zealand All Blacks and the Australian Wallabies.  My ability to read the game is only limited because I have had only a small exposure to the game of rugby.  I enjoyed the game and I came away thinking that the first half was a success for the Australian team and the second half was a success for the New Zealand Team.  The All Blacks won the game by 22 points to 16. 

    I woke up this morning to a normal routine of getting the Sunday newspaper.  It gave a 5-6 page analysis of the match in full detail, minute by minute, player by player and also a summary of the referee’s performance.  I thought about this and my observations of the game were clearly different to that that was portrayed in the media, which was, not about the game, but was about the players of the game.  Every player got rated between 1 and 10, the highest being a 9 and the lowest being a 3.  Is this true accountability?  Are these individuals trialled by media accountability every week that they play the game?

     untitledI wonder how long it took to do this research?

    It got me thinking as I go to Sydney today for our company as the management team gets together for a marketshare meeting.  This is our accountability.  The rugby players on the field last night are expected, and I would suggest, probably do know more about the game of rugby that those who watch it and like in the industry I work in, I know a lot about that business and the reasons why marketshare is in incline or decline.  But could accountability simply be a measure of honesty?  Because the individuals who are held accountable for something, in their business life anyway, should have a full understanding of their position otherwise they cannot be accountable in any real sense.  When the marketshare numbers are posted and they are displayed, it will be similar to what I read in the newspaper today but it will be an actual scorecard of accountability.

    We hear a lot about productivity and how people need to do more today than they have ever done.  We have 5% less people working in our communities, however the average business has been impacted with an economic revenue downturn approaching 35%.  So the mix of accountability, productivity and honesty have never been more critical.  But what will interest me more than anything in regards to the meeting that I will be attending is not the number on the scoreboard but the individual’s response and how honest we will be to the game that we are all playing.

    Does the player who was rated 3/10 in the media commentary this morning accept that rating?

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